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Thank you very much NOVATERRA FOUNDATION for the recognition

Head of HR with the award

On Wednesday, October 19th, coinciding with World Dignity Day, The NOVATERRA FOUNDATION – Alzira headquarters – has awarded us as 2022 Social Enterprise Award for “being the company that has employed the most participants from NOVATERRA in a situation of vulnerability”. We received this award with sincere gratitude.

Grateful for the recognition, but also grateful for the great work they have been carrying out for more than 30 years, giving and creating opportunities in the most vulnerable sectors.

The NOVATERRA FOUNDATION mission is the socio-labour insertion of people through the development of employability, intermediation and job creation and raising awareness in society in situations of exclusion, through reporting and proposing alternatives.

At Novaterra they accompany people who have encountered multiple adversities in life, and who need to get and keep a job to get back on their feet and live with dignity. Each of these people will go through their own Social and Labor Integration Itinerary. A journey full of stages where they will fill their backpack with tools: transversal skills, training in professions in demand, social and communication skills, etc., to finally achieve a goal: the job. And recover autonomy and recognition of their dignity as people.

Proud to be able to contribute our grain of sand to the NOVATERRA FOUNDATION. We move forward with you!




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