We offer all kinds of solutions for refrigerated vehicles in accordance with our customers and their needs. We guide clients to obtain the best value for money:
Optimisation of fuel consumption.
Maximum payload capacity → Lighter vehicles.
Customised vehicles.
One of the best K insulation coefficients in the market.
Manufacturing customised vehicles is our trademark.


Meat hang

Each country has its own idiosyncrasy as far as transport of meat is concerned, and therefore SOR designs each of the units in line with each specification. Tubular systems, bi-rail, sliding hooks, rails or combined systems. The SOR vehicles for transport of meat make it possible for any requirement.

For this purpose, the roof and sides of the van are specially reinforced. The chassis is reinforced too, ensuring that both work as one piece in case of load transfer.

SP79 – Meat hang

Long distance

In the case of “full load” refrigerated trailers, it is essential to optimise the payload and reduce fuel consumption. Thus, the SOR box+chassis set for long distance offers one of the best tare weights and insulation coefficients of the market.

Our long-distance customers highlight its strength, robustness and maneuverability. Therefore, the SOR refrigerated trailer becomes a safe bet thanks to its high residual value.

SP71 – Long distance

Logistics and distribution

SOR IBÉRICA, SAU specialises in the development of specific vehicles for logistics. Among them, the citytrailer with one or two axes designed for supply chains distribution have a prominent place.

All SOR citytrailers are designed to circulate and adapt to the size of the city. But, in addition, each one of them complies with each country’s particular traffic regulations and acoustic standards. Finally, the SOR city trailers complete their versatility due to its loading/unloading capacity at the dock, both lateral and rear (if the client deems it appropriate).

SP71 – Urban logistics

Flower transport

Plants and flowers are among the most difficult goods to transport. For this particular product, the fragility of the goods comes together with the high added value for the end customer. Therefore, optimal and very specific conditions are needed to guarantee a low product loss in the delivery.

The SOR refrigerated trailers for the transport of plants and flowers are designed with an interior width of at least 2500 mm, thus guaranteeing the cubic capacity of the transport trolleys. Finally, the temperature and the channeling are essential to maintain the product in optimal conditions.

SP71 – Flower transport

Double deck

Double floor systems allow a load capacity of 66 Euro pallets in two heights to reduce transport costs. Hence, the sides are reinforced before installing the guides and bars for the double floor, capable of supporting up to 1000 kg.

At SOR we install any double floor system for Euro pallet or for UK pallet and even both systems combined.

SP71 – Double deck

Heating system units

Controlling the state of perishable goods has been a constant throughout History. In general, when we talk about temperature-controlled transport, we often think of products that require cold, but there are other issues too. For example, the requirement to maintain positive indoor temperatures when the outside temperature can reach -40º C.

SP71 – Heating system


The multi-compartment units, designed for distribution and with enough flexibility to transport either positive or negative temperatures depending on the needs, are among the most versatile units of the SOR refrigerated trailer range.

Its movable panels allow adjustment of the spaces in each load and adaptation of the compartments to the required temperatures. This type of units admits from dry to frozen cargo in the same route with any type of interior distribution: shelves, pallets, trays, embedded, etc.

SP71 – Multitemp

Fish transport

Whether live or frozen, fish requires specially protected vehicles against salinity and/or oxidation.Its different possibilities require specific finishes that guarantee a safe loading and unloading and are easy to clean.

SP71 – Fish transport

Pharma transport

Currently, the pharmaceutical industry maintains high standards to ensure quality in the development, manufacture and control of medicines. Consequently, distribution and logistics must follow the same standards.

In accordance with this philosophy, SOR IBÉRICA has launched to the market an aptitude certificate of the vehicle for the transport of pharmaceutical products. This certificate is based on the requirements under the European Guidelines on Good Distribution Practice of Medicinal Products for Human Use (2013/C 343/01) of 23 November 2013 and tested by the competent bodies.

SP71 – Pharma transport