Urban logistics

It includes heavy trucks from 12 tonnes and refrigerated trailers from 1 to 2 axes with or without directional systems. Logistics is our specialty. Give us a try!


Distribution of meat

An absolute synchronisation is required between the meat guides in the cutting rooms and those in the distribution vehicles, in order to ease the loading of the pieces.

In addition, in-store unloading entails even more specific handling. Therefore, it is crucial for these vehicles to include enough accessories to facilitate the in-store unloading in a safe and agile way, considering the weight of the pieces.

SP39 – Hanged goods transport

Palletised or wholesale distribution

SOR IBÉRICA SA specialised in its first stage as a manufacturer of refrigerated vehicles for delivery. Ever since, the main distribution and shipping companies continue to trust us with their manufactured goods.

This type of vehicles must be up to the task, since the key to the success of these companies lays in improving their performance.

SP33 – Palletized transport

Rigid Vehicle+Trailer

Sometimes customers request a trailer of up to 12500 mm length, so as to improve the adaptability of the rigid vehicle. The truck is frequently equipped with doors (such as back doors), which facilitate the loading and unloading of the “hooked” unit. Thus, the pallet jack entry is possible thanks to the platform that allows the passage between vehicles.

SP33 – Palletized transport
SP70 – Palletized transport