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Customer area

We are grateful for the trust you placed in SOR IBÉRICA SAU and welcome you to this great family.

You have chosen a vehicle in which durability and functionality come together, offering safety and exceptional performance. We are confident that the SOR vehicle will live up to your expectations and, with an optimal functioning, will contribute to make your day-to-day easier. Now, it’s time to pick up your vehicle. We are aware of how important the waiting time is for you. For this reason, we would appreciate your taking into account the attached information that will help us to organise your visit in the best possible way.

Final delivery process

Your sales consultant will inform you about the date of collection of your vehicle. However, it would be of great help if you reconfirmed once again the final day and time. Although finished, vehicles could be subject to further checkups and that could delay delivery.

To confirm the delivery of your vehicle, please dial in +34962457700 and ask for the commercial or export department.

Please remember that the company policy forbids withdrawal of any vehicle prior to full payment. In order to avoid misunderstandings, please make sure that the agreed sales conditions have been met before collection.

Together with the vehicle, we will provide you with the documentation containing maintenance recommendations and guarantees of the axes and the cooling equipment. Should this not be the case, please be sure to request it.

Maintenance recommendations

Relevant information

Delivery schedule of units: Vehicles can be removed from Monday to Friday from 8:15 to 13:00 and from 15:15 to 18:00. Pickups outside of these hours must be scheduled. To do so, please talk to your commercial advisor.

We remind you that the delivery process is not immediate but consists of two parts.

Firstly, the delivery of the vehicle where we will make, along with the driver, the latest checks. This step can take up to 45 minutes. Secondly, the administrative/documentary delivery that could take another 15 minutes approximately.

The collection process has a time estimate of approximately one hour, without taking into account the number of vehicles that must be delivered in advance (deliveries are handled in order of arrival) or any additional adjustments to the unit. Therefore, it is important to reconfirm collection day as far as possible.

We have a waiting area for drivers, but also:

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