vehiculos personalizados SOR

Customised vehicles

We are reefer specialists and manufacture 100% customised vehicles. Take advantage of our experience and flexibility and give profitability to your investment. What’s more, we would like to become your supplier of refrigerated vehicles. Shall we work together?


Delivery in big cities with articulated vehicles

Another great challenge is the current online market, where the largest distribution companies are offering their services online. This opens a new distribution model “within the city” where the vehicle must coexist with the current traffic. This new scenario entails that the vehicle should be environment-friendly in terms of emissions, efficiency of insulation, noise pollution… and more environmentally efficient overall.

Taking advantage of the versatility of tractors, easily replaced if necessary, we developed a 1-axe refrigerated trailer with a directional system per bar (aimed to increase the angle of rotation). With a load capacity of 17 pallets, this new refrigerated trailer has the distinction of being IN/FNA certified despite being equipped with an isothermalised weightlifting platform instead of back doors.

Semitrailers up to 21 m and 3,100 mm inside height

Sweden is a peculiar country. Its road network consists of long motorways with few curves that allow a different vehicle fleet compared to the rest of Europe. In addition, the severe winter demands resistant units able to circulate regardless of the outside temperature or weather conditions.

Swedish regulations also promote the driving of special vehicles as for example, 4-axe refrigerated trailers for a total length of around 20 m. In order to improve maneuverability, these particular vehicles include at least two axes with directional or autodirectional systems. Also its interior height is usually around 3,000 mm with a double-floor system that allows a load capacity up to 90 Euro pallets so that transport costs are reduced.

25’25 Euromodular

Three possible settings

1- Rigid+Dolly+refrigerated trailer (RDS 323):

Combination between 3-axe rigid and standard long refrigerated trailer through a dolly (a 2-axe trailer that hooks to the rigid and at the same time becomes the fifth wheel of the refrigerated trailer). The 18-19 pallets of the rigid must be added to the 33 pallets of the refrigerated trailer. SOR has long standing experience in this type of units, especially in countries such as Holland or Denmark.

2. Refrigerated trailer+TSR 232 trailer:
This was the combination chosen by the Spanish Directorate-General of Traffic (DGT) to carry out the first tests of Euromodular in refrigerated trailers. All of them carried out with SOR combinations. Depending on the dimensions of the trailer, it can transport up to 19 pallets plus the 33 of the refrigerated trailer, which makes a total of 52 pallets.

3. Link trailer:

It is a refrigerated trailer that allows coupling with a second vehicle. To do so, it moves the part of the axes so that the area of the tridem becomes a 5th wheel to which the last refrigerated trailer is hooked. Our Link is a refrigerated trailer with 2 axes (fixed, directional or autodirectional) of 10850 mm of length and a load capacity of 19 pallets (18 for multi-temperature units).