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In a context of uncertainty like the current one, Sor Ibérica maintains its market share in Spain and its presence in Europe (32 countries). Without losing sight of excellence and its commitment to reduce tare, increase resistance and incorporate connectivity in its units, SOR focuses on factors such as sustainability, urban distribution or intermodal transport.

Sor Ibérica, a manufacturer of refrigerated semi-trailers with a long history since it was founded in 1970, has opted, as its general sales coordinator Ximo Moscoso assures, for excellence in the manufacture of refrigerated semi-trailers.

SOR maintains its national market share of around 20%. However, beyond these data, the manufacturer also has an important foreign market that accounts for more than 40% of its production and that concentrates its activity in the main European markets with special mention to the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Scandinavia, Italy or Switzerland, all markets with a high level of demand, and Eastern European countries in which it has a presence through trade agreements.

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SOR maintains a good dynamic despite the special circumstances that have been experienced since the start of the pandemic and that have led to an “unprecedented” increase in raw materials and aggravated by the war crisis. In this context, the objective is to continue growing to maintain competitiveness. In this sense, the shareholding change “has not implied changes in our philosophy or in commercial policy” says Ximo. “Sor Ibérica continues to be an independent company with its own strategy. In the medium term, we see that sustainability is an increasingly important factor in transport. For this reason, we closely follow the changes in the world of logistics in order to adapt to them, paying special attention to the urban distribution of goods, especially the last mile, and RO-RO as another factor on the rise. Finally, we are committed to offering our customers an intelligent trailer, paying special attention to approved thermography with a fleet complement. That is our SORTelematics 4.0”




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