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When you think about VAN DER VALK in the Netherlands, Belgium or Germany, you think in exclusive hotels. Now Van der Valk inKoop set up its new business at the logistics area.

Van der Valk InKoop is the result of a very specific need inside Van der Valk exclusief. Dennis Luiten, fourth generation of Van der Valk realized there was something that it was needed to be improved at the supply chain due to their idiosyncrasy. In the past they outsourced storage and distribution but, they needed to improve it. In Denis Luiten words: Our hotels have a high degree of independence with regard to the choices they make in their business operations. And high delivery reliability is very important for our hotels. This combination makes our logistics complex. We know best what is needed and that is why we opened our own DC in 2022 from where we supply our hotels.

With over a hundred hotels in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, this new logistic center closed to Eindhoven airport will make them more efficient in logistics but also from the global purchasing point of view.

For this new adventure, Van der Valk Transport Group has chosen SOR semitrailers. The interior distribution of the reefers has multicompartment partition walls to easy combine all concrete hotel needs. In addition, they are equipped with steering systems to facilitate manoeuvrability in cities and narrow streets that are difficult to access. SOR has been able to match our needs building up 100% customized reefers according to our way of working. Luiten says.

Thank you Van der Valk for your confidence! We move forward with you!

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