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SORConnect, an intelligent semi-trailer equipped with #Sorconnect and electric axles that generate the necessary energy for the multi-temperature equipment to operate in 100% electric mode.

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SorConnect, the intelligent trailer from SOR, presented at Solutrans.

There are many solutions on the market for fleet management, but only one that is focused solely on refrigerated units. Thus, SORconnect is born, from the hands of the leading Spanish manufacturer of custom refrigerated vehicles.

Four important premises in the development of its 4.0 tool:

1- Easy management. Simple installation, compatible equipment with others, intuitive platform.

2- Focused on our clients’ customers. Simple, quick for decision-making in the moment, and no monthly cost.

3- Individually approved detachable probes so the unit does not have to be paralyzed in case of a measurement system failure.

4- With the SOR guarantee and no monthly cost

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The intelligent trailer SORconnect, presented during the Solutrans 2023 edition at the stand of SOR IBÉRICA SA, the only Spanish manufacturer of refrigerated vehicles present at the event, integrates a certified thermography system with fleet complement specifically developed for refrigerated units. With integrated data transmission, open-source and compatible software, individually approved detachable probes, and free access to web and app.

What makes the system unique in Europe is its individually approved detachable probe system. Thus, in case of a possible breakdown, the unit can continue working. Periodic checks are carried out digitally and via probe replacement.

Additionally, it features an open protocol and universal communication converter compatible with other systems and equipment.

The exhibited vehicle showcased two significant innovations. Firstly, the SOR solution for fleet management of refrigerated trailers 4.0 as mentioned earlier. Secondly, the Axle Power Multitemp system that allows the multitemperature refrigeration unit to operate in electric mode (emission-free) with low noise levels.

This semi-trailer recovers energy while in motion and converts it into power source for the refrigeration unit responsible for cargo temperature.

Optimal multitemperature. Emission-free. It also allows for night deliveries in urban areas and low emission zones (clean energy).


SOR Ibérica has made specialization in the manufacture of refrigerated semi-trailers one of its hallmarks, positioning itself as a serious and real alternative in the refrigerated transport sector. Especially since this segment of activity has seen an increase in registered figures every year since the pandemic.

The key to the future of the quintessential Spanish refrigerated vehicle manufacturer lies in adding to its marked goals of quality and customization, the growing concern for sustainability and contributing to the improvement of consumers’ quality of life and shopping experience.

Sor Ibérica has sustainability in its DNA. “Every new project, every improvement, every specification change, in short, every modification to its manufactured products is designed and tested from the premise of sustainability and efficiency. They have been working for several years, from all areas, on Corporate Social Responsibility objectives and Agenda 2030, always linked to the continuous improvement of the SOR vehicle.

In addition to working on the standards that SOR as a company can control and therefore improve, it is part of other projects that seek to increase results not only in sustainability issues but also in route efficiency. “The ultimate goal of all is to reduce the level of polluting emissions but also to increase the load capacity, all without losing sight of the productivity and profitability of our clients’ investments,” they affirm from the brand.

There are two fundamental factors why a SOR vehicle offers much more. On the one hand, the know-how provided by more than 50 years of research on the insulation coefficient, which allows them to be leaders in this key point. On the other hand, the tare of their vehicles.


Similarly, SOR Ibérica has been working on its own connectivity technology for a long time and took advantage of the sector gathering at the Solutrans Salon from November 20th to 25th to present its new version SORConnect, which turns the refrigerated trailer into a 4.0 vehicle fully focused on temperature control parameterization, with interchangeable probes to eliminate the immobilization of vehicles from the equation.

From its first version of SORTelematics to the current SORConnect, the need to extend connectivity functionalities beyond thermography and location records has always been considered, always from an open data management perspective, compatible with other tools and with a single payment model.

SORConnect is the new generation of connected 4.0 trailers. It allows access to vehicle-generated information for fleet management without monthly costs. Its platform is simple and intuitive for efficient decision-making. The thermography part with detachable and individually approved probes keeps the unit always active even during mandatory inspections. Since they are individually approved and easy to connect, there is no need to go to an official workshop in case of a need for replacement.

The SOR approved thermography, with fleet management complement, can be installed in any refrigerated trailer. Thanks to its open-source software, it is compatible with other systems. Data is transmitted via WIFI through the web www.sorconnect.com or via the APP at no additional cost.

From SorConnect.com, the vehicle to be monitored is chosen, and “online” information is obtained about routes, rest hours, refrigeration unit hours, door control, battery status, temperature ranges information, set point, battery status, error control, tire control, EBS information. It also collects and sends the information, generating a file, pdf, csv, excel, etc., which can be downloaded, printed, or sent.

Our software is the only one in Europe with an open protocol compatible with any system and equipment.

As we can see, sustainability and connectivity are now joining specialization, efficiency, and profitability (taking tare, robustness, maneuverability, and insulation as work references) that have always stood out in the SOR brand, as future and innovation beacons. There are many kilometers to travel together in motion.

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