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25 años de chasis levante

In 1996 SOR IBÉRICA SA and a Spanish industrial group formed a joint venture to start manufacturing specific chassis for SOR refrigerated bodies. Production expectations are soon exceeded. The chassis has a great acceptance in the market and in just twelve months it goes from an average annual production of 360 units to 680 chassis. Currently, more than 90% of SOR semi-trailers are body + chassis sets.

One fact that makes this chassis really unique is that it is conceived and designed for SOR refrigerated bodies. Therefore, the SOR box + chassis set offers one of the best defects on the market and its special design gives it a robustness and maneuverability highly appreciated by drivers.

Initially, 2 trademarks coexisted. On the one hand LECSOR for the Spanish market and on the other SOR for export markets. Until in 2012 the Lecsor trademark disappeared to offer a single product. SOR semi-trailer: box + chassis.

In just a decade, the factory is ready to adapt to customer needs and offers the market more than 20 different alternatives within semi-trailers. From 1 to 3 axles, with directional or self-steering systems, from 9000 to 18600mm in length and models are still being approved to complete the range. At present, we are capable of manufacturing any refrigerated chassis.

Also at that time, the workforce is consolidated and the name is recognized and consolidated in the sector. The cycle was completed when in 2016 Chasis Levante became fully owned by the SOR IBERICA SA group.

At present, we have a production capacity of 1200 chassis / year and we are working on a new project that will allow us to increase it.

25 years of experience thanks to our clients and their trust in the project, but also to the involvement in the project of each and every one of the workers. For all that, thank you very much.



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