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Trailer del mes de marzo 22

JGH LOGÍSTICA is a company with extensive experience in the logistics sector that has led them to position themselves at the forefront of the sector thanks to a solid business strategy based on a clear vocation for customer service, a high degree of specialization, constant investment in the most advanced technologies and its geographical positioning.

At SOR we are clear that our reason for being is to help our client to meet their client’s demands. Thus, when the goal of is to become the best strategic ally of our clients and to act for them as a true external logistics department, providing customized and appropriate solutions to the particularities of their products, we can only thank JGH for have chosen us for the expansion of their fleet.

On this occasion we have delivered a total of 40 Multi-temperature units with automatic locking dividing panel, pallet racks and kits, load securing bars, ventilation gates and galvanized chassis to expand the fleet.

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Thank you JGH for the trust! We move forward with you!


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