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First mobile boxes of 12 pallets delivered. Another example of tailored unit. 1 vehicle + 2 bodies to optimize loading and unloading times.

At a time when everyone talks about the On Line distribution of parcels, nobody remembers that it is becoming increasingly difficult for the retail food sector to enter the cities and have a competitive supply cost.

The distribution companies know this very well and, each of them, according to their needs, designs routes and vehicles that help them control the cost / km. But this is not a job only of the distribution, also of the logistics operator with whom it works. In this case, the operator relied on SOR Ibérica SA “for its experience in custom development” to meet the expectations of both.

We must also take into account the variability of the norm of municipalities and administrations.

Well, after studying the distribution problem and assessing the needs of the logistics operator, 12-pallet swapbody units were manufactured to combine the routes (2 boxes for each rigid truck). Not only the vehicle was optimized but also the loading and unloading times increasing productivity by 35%.



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