If you receive flowers in Nordic countries they have been transported by Alex Andersen Ølund A / S, for sure

Customers > If you receive flowers in Nordic countries they have been transported by Alex Andersen Ølund A / S, for sure
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Alex Andersen Ølund A / S has since its humble beginnings in 1964 developed to be one of Denmark’s leading logistics companies specializing in the transport of flowers, fruits and vegetables and other temperature sensitive goods as well as general goods of all kinds.

Two Alex Andersen trucks ready to be despatched

As a modern logistics company, they take on a wide range of tasks related to product distribution – from packaging management to payroll – for a number of customers.

they have a new and modern fleet of vehicles, equipped with fleet management systems. Terminal is around 29,000m2.

Innovation is always in focus at Alex Andersen Ølund A / S. They are constantly developing, to continue to be among the industry’s leaders, and to ensure high quality and timely delivery.

The company’s head office has since 2009 been located in Højme near the E20 High way. In addition, the company has several strategically located branches in Denmark and Northern Europe.

Alex Andersen reefer ready to start working

Today, Alex Andersen Ølund A / S employs approx. 550 employees of which approx. 340 of these are drivers who are constantly on the move. They also have around 200 trucks fleet and, in addition, about 80 regular associated trucks.

Alex Andersen Ølund A / S is proud to be the largest flower carrier in the Nordic countries and among the leading in Europe. And we are proud to haven been chosen once again as official vehicle supplier for both combinations and reefers.

Thank you Alex Andersen Ølund A / S for your confidence!



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