Do you know why the tire inflation pressure must be always correct?

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Tires are one of the active safety components that vehicles incorporate. Their mission is to ensure that driving is carried out in a safe and comfortable way.

In addition, they are the only point in contact with the road the vehicle has, even so, we do not always pay adequate attention to this important point and we forget that many problems that tires can have are caused by incorrect inflation pressure.

Circulating with the inflation pressure below the manufacturer’s recommended will cause the tire to overheat, causing faster wear, the danger of slipping ( separating the bead of the tire from the rim flange) and in the event of rain there is a greater risk of hydroplaning.

Lowering the inflation pressure of the tires also causes the tire to deform more than usual, potentially losing grip and therefore loss of control of the vehicle, endangering driving safety and a considerable increase in fuel consumption.

In addition, if we drive with the tire inflation pressure below that recommended by the manufacturer, we must be careful because, even though we have corrected it, the tire may have suffered internal damage to the structure due to heating and even notice how the tread has worn in bad way. Therefore, keeping the correct tire inflation pressure will guarantee driving safety, less wear and tear and fuel savings.

Remember that, in any case, you should…

  • Always check the pressure with cold tires.
  • Check the pressure at least once a month
  • Check the pressure before making a long trip
  • Check the pressure of the spare wheel as well
  • Check that each valve has the corresponding cap.




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