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AECOC organizes a new edition of its 22nd National Transport Forum at the Wanda Metropolitano Stadium in Madrid.

The congress brings together the entire value chain and the different debate positions on the future of transport. At this meeting point, the impact of the regulatory measures approved during the last year has been analyzed and how to face the challenges that will mark the evolution of transport. sector: shortage of drivers, digitization, alternative fuels.

SOR, as every year, has also sponsored the Forum on this occasion by facilitating the Illusion ON space where Jorge Luengo, Engineer and Neuropsychologist, has explained to us the meaning of Illusion.

Jorge says that illusion is to achieve the impossible. Believing that the impossible can come true. All this using magic as the common thread and perfect metaphor to fall in love and generate that illusion. Thank you, once again, for the opportunity! We move forward with you!

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