“Strictly speaking”. An open interview with Alejandro Pérez, Sales Manager at SOR IBÉRICA SA CORPORATE

Corporate > “Strictly speaking”. An open interview with Alejandro Pérez, Sales Manager at SOR IBÉRICA SA CORPORATE
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Spain is one of the leading powers in terms of freight transport under controlled temperature. Our production capacity of fruits and vegetables and the export activity of Spanish reefer transport companies make Spain a heavyweight in Europe. Despite this, the sales of refrigerated trailers struggled significantly during 2017 and ended with a 25% decrease in registrations.



Our insights with Alejandro Pérez, Sales Manager at SOR IBÉRICA SA, on some matters…

Why did SOR IBÉRICA and therefore TRG end up as market leaders in 2017 despite the decline in the number of registrations of refrigerated trucks? Rather than why, I would say thanks to what. Thanks to the trust of our customers. That confidence is the reward for hard work by the SOR team to offer the product with the best tare weight of the market, the best insulation coefficient and the best prepared refrigerated trailers for urban logistics.

Is it by chance that SOR is considered a top company for the reefer market? Not at all, it is the result of constant work and a thorough study of the customers, their problems, their needs and also the result of specialisation. Only a specialist can get further than anyone else. It does not come as a surprise that the first megatruck in Spain was an SOR refrigerated truck. But in addition, SOR has been testing lighter, more respectful materials for many years, which is why SOR offers the best tare weight-service life combination, with no need to be self-supporting.

And following this point, I am very proud to say that SOR has been working hand in hand since 2005 to implement solutions in Spain such as the link trailers, which by the way, SOR has been manufacturing for many years for other markets.

Why are you accused of having little presence in the media? SOR IBÉRICA SA has always followed a policy of proving with facts rather than words. However, in this case, words come along with facts and we can proudly say that we are specialists in vehicles for logistics and distribution with a low tare weight-high resistance binomial difficult to find in the market today. Besides, we have a fiber product that offers two main advantages over other solutions. On the one hand, a better insulation coefficient that translates into direct saving in time and fuel consumption and on the other hand, a body where the repair is simple and low-priced.

Specialisation is our key and with it, we will continue to open doors. Every new need regarding temperature controlled transportation means a challenge for us and a solution that we must offer and implement. This is why we also complete the range with all types of vehicles, containers, vehicles over 13600 mm long, with over 3000 mm interior height, trailers and road trains, city transport, vehicles with Pharma certificate, flowers… Any configuration that requires temperature control is an SOR configuration.





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