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See below a fragment of the interview with the General Director of SOR IBÉRICA SA about the current situation of the company, news and expectations.


How was the closure of the 2017 fiscal year? What is the balance for the current fiscal year?

Despite the fact that the Spanish market seemed to replicate the previous model, the truth is that September began to reflect signs of fatigue that were corroborated in December when the overall figures showed 25.4% fewer registrations as far as reefers are concerned. Nevertheless, we can confirm that SOR has closed a satisfactory year, also benefited in part by the good work done in the export markets.

Since the Spanish market began to show signs of relaxation at the end of the year and it begins to approach the usual average of registrations, we expect a difficult 2018 in Spain, in an even more complicated environment by the situation of the second-hand market.

Regarding the increase in exports, what is the strategy of SOR IBÉRICA SA in the export markets?

The recession made access to export markets very challenging. During the last years we have invested in resources in the different markets, and this is already bearing fruit with a recovery of activity there. However, we still have a long way in this area and we are strengthening the team to enter strongly into markets that, for us, are natural.

What would you say are the key and strategy to follow in the current market?

The key in SOR is to adapt the product to the needs of each client. In SOR each trailer design is “customised” looking to offer a competitive product that is able to improve the efficiency in the operations of our customers.

To do so, it is essential to understand their operations and be able to advise them in the design process of the units.

What projects and developments are you working on?

The tech department continues working in two areas. On the one hand, we are working to solve the demands of the clients in terms of operational issues. This is a dynamic market and we must adapt the vehicles to the changes in the way our clients work.

On the other hand, we continue to develop new products and investigate the use of new materials.

What is the immediate future of SOR?

We have a clear and defined strategy in the short, medium and long term because our objective is to be a top company in the field of refrigerated vehicles in Europe. Therefore, we have chosen 2018 as the turning year. We are investing in our facilities, changing systems, renewing processes and preparing the factory so that, by the end of the year, a renewed and strengthened SOR can meet the objectives set.




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