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As of May 27th 2021, there has been a shareholding change within The Reefer Group holding group of companies formed by SOR and CHEREAU.

Thanks to Miura Partners we have been able to grow and increase our production capacity and they have helped us to make the TRG group the leader in Europe in customized refrigerated vehicles. Thank you, Miura, for these five years!

From now on, a new page in our history has been opened with a group of French investors led by Amundi Asset Management. The SOR & CHEREAU management team will continue to be involved as it did in the previous stage.

The new shareholders will give us the stability and security necessary to continue with the project as it was planned so that we continue to strengthen our position as the leader in Europe in refrigerated vehicles and increase our chassis production capacity, thus guaranteeing that our vehicles remain the most efficient on the market.

Welcome Amundi Asset Management! We move forward with you!


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